Department of Pharmacology

Faculty of Medicine

Saga University


What’s On in Our Department   ~ Academic Year in 2017 ~

HIGHLIGHTS  (Recent Updating Date  :  8th  November  2017)

14th March 2017 :

We have invited Dr Quan Zhang from OCDEM (Oxford, UK), in order to give a talk in both Nagasaki and Saga. The title of his talk is “Ion channels in pancreatic islet alpha cells and regulation of glucagon secretion”.

15th March 2017 :

Prof. Teramoto organaized the special symposium between The Japanese Pharmacological Society and The Japanese Clinical Pharmacological Society Jointed Meeting.

1st April 2017 :

Prof. Teramoto continuously acquired a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) from JSPS. Prof. Teramoto has not missed the National Grants since the last century, anyway. Lucky you !

1st July 2017 :

In this summer term, six medical students have (3rd and 4th grade students) joined in our Lab in order to perform the basic science research projects.